My career had begun in Italian and French fashion industries where I worked at first as a product manager and then as designer in different fashion Maison (in Paris). Working with different colors, designs, and textiles which soon would have been transformed into clothes for the runaways was pure emotion!

Working with women and for women, to make them feel at their best.
Techniques, traditions, taste in fashion, plus my propensity to look for new styles led me to improve my studies in Carla Gozzi’s Academy, Komax and in the end in Accademia del Lusso in Milan, where I received the certification as Image Consultant and Personal Shopper.

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I believe in the Teamwork! I was lucky enough to travel a lot next to real professional workers in the fashion field.
They all taught me a lot.
It’s been 6 years since I started to work as Image Consultant, collaborating with photographers, make-up artists, hair-stylists
I express my passion for enhancing my clients, working on the little details, not changing them. To me, our image is like a chest which contains our soul; through our decisions, we communicate to the world who we are. Clothes are a form of language in some way, which describes our personalityeven through the choice of an accessory!
Helena Rubinstein used to say that “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones”; I would add that some women can’t find a way to see their potential. I believe that beauty comes from inside, it’s only about finding a way to burst it out!